Manager as Coach

Seasoned Managers are expected to demonstrate a style flexibility ranging from telling to asking. They are also expected to ensure that while they secure performance, they also pay attention to the well-being needs of their teams. As matters of hygiene and rewards begin to be taken as a given, employees are now expecting to work with Managers who care and add value.

The Manager as Coach program, based on the Manager as Coach model designed by Ganesh Chella helps managers:

  • Understand and internalize critical managerial and coaching behaviors.
  • Balance between focusing on the person and focusing on the problems they are supposed to solve.
  • Understand the challenges of leading virtual teams and explore how to mitigate them
  • Foster a greater sense of belonging and team cohesiveness.

If helping your managers focus on developing a much more refined style is emerging as vital, please talk to us. We can help design a solution that is right for you.