Mentoring for High Growth

The moment of truth for all entrepreneurs is when they are faced with the excitement and challenges of preparing their organisation for high growth. It is one thing to be an entrepreneur with great ideas and hard to find expertise. It is another thing to then don the mantle of leadership and focus on organisation building.

The demands of high growth can include articulating the vision and mission, crafting strategy, dealing with a variety of business challenges, fund raising, constantly redesigning the organisation and key roles, building culture, handling co-founder dynamics, hiring well, working with the Board and so on.

Business First : Entrepreneurial Success

This is when entrepreneurs and their boards recognize the need for a trusted mentor who can work alongside the entrepreneur to support this journey. A mentor who can understand the context, bring relevant domain and functional insights and of course, also wear the hat of a coach who can support the leader development dimensions.

CFI has an enviable pool of coaches who come from diverse backgrounds (domain, industry and functions) and with deep experience and of course the passion to support entrepreneurs in their journey of high growth. CFI mentors focus on the entrepreneur and his or her growth so they can focus on their business.

So, if you are a venture capitalist or a Board member or an entrepreneur yourself and high growth is your all important agenda, do talk to us.