Mentoring for Start-Ups

Start up entrepreneurs may vary in age, experience, industries they represent, stage of evolution and type of ownership. What is common among all entrepreneurs is the ability to be somewhat unmindful of their limitations. This ability can be a huge strength up to a point. However, when overused can lead to potential failures.

Recognising when to acknowledge those limitations and seek help and support is the true hallmark of a great entrepreneur.

Business First : Entrepreneurial Success

Such help can come in the form of a coach-mentor who can listen, empathise, ask the right questions, share experiences and insights, give feedback and help find answers and nudge the founders in the right direction and in the process help them grow both personally and professionally.

CFI’s pool of certified coach-mentors combines contextual know-how with coaching capabilities to work with business owners and offer one-on-one support to take their business to the next level.

So, if you are a venture capitalist or a Board member or an entrepreneur yourself and see the value of a coach-mentor, do talk to us.