Trusted Mentors Program

Founders of businesses and their investors and Boards recognize the value of Mentors and coaches who have been there, done that, understand their context and can enter their world. Mentors and coaches who can guide, offer insights, offer good counsel and show them the way but also be by their side.

These mentors and coaches add value through a variety of roles that they play or hats that they don – they could be venture advisors and Partners, Board members, advisors, functional experts or just pure mentor coaches. CFI pioneered the use of executive coaching for leader development in India in 2006. CFI’s flagship Post Graduate Program in Executive Coaching is seen as the gold standard for coach education.

Graduate School of Coaching : Creating Coaches & Mentors

CFI is also India’s largest coach provider, having worked with a very wide range of clients for over 15 years and executed and managed over 1100 paid coaching engagements.Powered by these capabilities, CFI invites a select group of seasoned professionals to join our Trusted Mentors Program, a unique capability building initiative for individuals who wish to add value to entrepreneurs in a variety of contexts including start-ups, family businesses and entrepreneurs leading high growth businesses.

The Trusted Mentor Program will be ideally suited for individuals who have been extremely successful in creating and scaling businesses as founders or founding team members or as investors or venture partners or Board members or business leaders. This will be a 30-hour program spread over three-months and 10 virtual plenary sessions, one one-on-one session and one two-day in person workshop.

If you are not looking to become a professional coach but wish to acquire the very essence of coaching skills and mentoring know-how as will serve you in your role as a trusted mentor so you can excel in your work with entrepreneurs and other leaders and their team who are expected to build and scale businesses, please talk to us.