About CFI

What we do

  • CFI has deep expertise in developing leaders and contributing to their effectiveness using coaching and allied capabilities.
  • CFI’s solutions address the diverse needs of executive leaders, young and emerging leaders and founders and promoters of businesses.
  • CFI delivers these solutions through its enviable and much revered pool of coaches and mentors who have successfully completed its flagship Post Graduate Program in Executive Coaching.
  • To make these solutions sustainable, CFI helps organisations create a coaching culture.

The CFI Impact

Since its founding days, CFI has played a pioneering role in popularizing Executive Coaching and its use for leader development in India in a culturally appropriate and contextually relevant manner.

CFI has been making rapid advances in its understanding of how leaders develop and has constantly innovated its approaches to make such development happen. CFI has also reimagined coaching and expanded its boundaries by embracing allied disciplines.

As a passionate community of practitioners CFI and its coaches have been able to touch lives deeply.CFI brings depth to its work while approaching it through an Indian lens.

With a community of over 280 certified coaches, the deep expertise gained from having handled over 1100 paid engagements, having contributed to nurturing a coaching culture by training over 800 leaders and managers as coaches and served the needs of over 210 client organisations, CFI is today the most preferred destination for potential Coaches and clients, and a trusted source of thought about Leadership and Coaching. CFI is headquartered in Chennai, India.

The CFI Advantage

Whether you are an individual wanting to become a Coach or Mentor or an Organisation wanting to develop leaders across levels, or create a coaching culture, there are several reasons to partner CFI.

  1. As a Pioneer of Coaching in India, CFI understands the role of one’s personality, strengths, preferences, beliefs and the very personal nature of effort involved in becoming an effective leader. It equally understands the varied approaches required to address the development needs of leaders keeping in mind their unique contexts.

  2. What sets CFI apart is its Enviable Community of Coaches – Their long, deep and varied corporate experiences, impeccable academic qualifications from some of the best institutions in the world, deep expertise in their functions and domains and a deep commitment to coaching, the CFI Way!

  3. CFI adopts a Strong Consulting Approach to understand the needs of its clients and on that basis, come up with bespoke solutions. The client’s ability to meet and choose the Coaches they would like to work with for their coaching needs lays the foundation for deep trust based relationships.

  4. Be it an executive coaching engagement or a coaching-based Leader development program, CFI and its coaches and facilitators follow a Transparent and Uniform Process.CFI’s robust engagement management capability powered by a cloud-based engagement management platform and a dedicated Engagement manager helps it take end-to-end responsibility for keeping multiple coaching engagements or programs on track.

  5. CFI’s Coach Supervision and Peer Guidance Framework supports its Coaches in delivering quality and upholding ethical standards. CFI’s Continuous Professional Development Program provides its coaches updates on current trends, developments, and insights into the typical leader development needs. All this enhances the quality of our work and helps us deliver transformational results.