The CFI way represents our enduring core, our lived values and our identity as a community of coaches, as experienced by our stakeholders. How we as an institution and as individuals are experienced by our coachees and sponsors is what finally matters and is the true test of our values in action.

Here is how our stakeholders experience the CFI Way through their moments of truth with our community of coaches :

  • CFI Coaches are reliable, making a difference and going the extra mile.
  • They are ethical, committed to doing the right thing by the coachee and promoting self-responsibility.
  • They are generous and have a strong learning orientation.

CFI’s emphasis on Continuing Professional development, Supervision and Peer Guidance helps promote learning and development and continued adherence to The CFI Way.CFI has put in place a few critical vehicles to help CFI Coaches learn to live The CFI Way. These include:

  1. The CFI Coaching philosophy
  2. CFI Competencies
  3. CFI’s standards of professional excellence & ethics

The CFI Coaching Philosophy

CFI deeply believes in a holistic approach to coaching which is humanistic by orientation, coachee centric in spirit, empowering by style, eclectic by design while always remaining committed to its ethical framework.

The CFI Competency Framework

The CFI competency framework consists of five inter-connected competency themes and twenty-two competencies. All our coach education programmes are designed around these competencies.

CFI’s standards of professional excellence and ethics

CFI’s standards of professional excellence and ethics guide, our community of coaches in our everyday actions and help us grapple with the inevitable dilemmas in the journey of helping.