CFI’s Cutting Edge

What gives CFI and its coaches the cutting edge in the coaching work we do across practices and solutions? The CFI Way, our deeply ingrained culture and philosophy certainly ensures that irrespective of the coach you work with, there are a few significant things you find in common. In addition to our philosophical orientation, CFI’s constant effort to innovate and come up with new tools and methods and improve what we do, gives us the ultimate edge.  Here are a few of our innovative practices and methods:

CFI’s Appreciative Discovery Dialogue (ADD)

CFI’s ADD helps the CFI Coach engage with the leader to understand the leader’s peak experiences, the core strengths and developmental needs in functional and leadership competencies, dreams for professional distinction and wishes and commitments for development.

CFI’s ADD helps create a safe space for the leader to engage in a structured reflective process and through that tell his or her story in a way that is illuminating and action enabling.

The end result is that the leader has total ownership for the outcomes.

Most of our coaching engagements begin with the ADD.

CFI’s 5 D Model

CFI has strong processes that support each of its coaching programs. These processes bring a certain level of uniformity and assurance of quality and transparency to the way coaching works.

CFI’s 5 D model is one such model which helps its certified coaches (as well as coaches trained by us within organisations as internal coaches), hold one-off and brief conversations in a productive, result oriented manner. At the heart of the model is the value of being non-directive and promoting a sense of inquiry.

Supervision, peer guidance & check-ins to foster great outcomes

CFI believes strongly in the power and importance of supervision and peer guidance in coaching. CFI coaches most often work with a peer or in a peer group of coaches to support, learn and reflect about a given coaching engagement in particular and their own journey of growth as a coach in general.

CFI also has survey processes which help us check in with coaches and sponsors at the right stages to ensure that expectations are well understood, fulfilled and the coach has the information and insights to make course corrections along the way.

Effective development plans

An important part of every cohort-based leader development program is an individual development plan. Despite its and the fact that much hinges on it being well crafted, most development plans are not as elegantly crafted as they should be. The reason is simple – an IDP cannot be mechanically derived from assessment data. There is a lot more synthesis needed to craft a smart plan and that calls for skills, expertise and experience.

Over the last several years and across thousands of engagements, CFI has mastered the art of development planning and leverages this in its coaching led leader development programs. In fact, we run programs just to help leaders craft and implement development plans.

Stakeholder and 360 feedback

Central to our work as coaches is the ability to generate actionable feedback from stakeholders that the coachee will find valuable.

Be it engaging in skilful conversations with stakeholders to distil usable insights for an executive coaching engagement or designing and deploying a tool based 360 feedback process for a cohort of leaders as a part of a development program, CFI and its coaches have deep expertise.

Our expertise becomes most critical in sharing such assessment data in a respectful and sensitive manner and empowering the coachee to identify leverage.

Working through the ice berg and unhelpful ways of thinking

CFI recognises the importance of working at the level of strengths, values and beliefs for sustainable change to happen.

CFI coaches are most skilled in helping coachees discover themselves through the iceberg model and also getting in touch with their unhelpful ways of thinking and using that to make progress on coaching goals.