Certified Coaching Champion

Organisations are also recognising that it is a coaching-oriented style and a strong coaching culture that leads to enhanced performance and high engagement. Businesses are therefore turning to HR Leaders, HR Business Partners, L&D Heads, OD Specialists, and Talent Managers to conceptualise, design and implement a wide range of coaching interventions for their organisations.

These professionals are looking to urgently equip themselves with the right know-how about coaching so that they can respond to this critical business need with competence and confidence.A pioneers in the field of coaching, CFI is delighted to address this need through its Certified Coaching Champion.

Spread over 10 hours across two days this Instructor-led experiential online course will cover the following: – Introduction to coaching and mentoring ; How coaching works ; What it takes to set up and manage one-on-one coaching engagements ; What it takes to incorporate coaching into leadership development interventions ; Ensuring effectiveness of these interventions (including measurement) ; What it means to create a coaching culture ; What it takes to build internal coaching capabilities ; The making of a good coach ; spotting one or becoming one ; The role of coaching in an HR professional’s job.

Senior HR Leaders, HR Business Partners, L&D Heads, OD Specialists and Talent Management Professionals across industry will find all their answers to questions on Coaching, Leadership and culture.