Coaching for Executive Transitions

Executive Transitions happen all the time across organizations. From one level to another, one function to another, from a function to a business, from one organisation to another, one culture to another one country to another. Transitions are always hope inducing but all stress prone. They help develop leaders but they can also derail careers. They represent big bets but also big risks.

CFI has been working with organisations to set their executives up for transition success through coaching. CFI coaches work as side and rear viewing mirrors for the transitioning executive. They help them assess their sources of transition pressure and then support them in making dynamic plans and actions to deal with them.

Be it learning a new set of skills or building new relationships or clarifying expectations with key stakeholders, CFI coaches are there by the side of the executive during this critical period. The ultimate goal of transition coaching is to support the executive to settle down, feel “at home” and deliver results in a sustainable manner and for the organisation to believe so.

The business benefits of such support is enormous. Equally, the cost of not offering timely support is also enormous. If executive transition is on the cards in your organisation, do talk to us. Our support could be invaluable.