Get a life in 2017

Get a life in 2017

I was with a young working couple in our family a few days ago. They were busy doing something important – they were figuring out the number of long weekends in 2017! They were delighted that there are many in 2017!

From a time when our work defined us and our identity, I see us moving surely and steadily into a time when our identity will be a lot fuller and a lot more meaningful.

Irrespective of age and life stage, getting a life will be a huge priority for many in 2017 and that is great.

For some it is the just the challenges of everyday living in many of our cities that will fuel this need. For others, it might be the uncertainties and frustrations with the world around them. For some others, it might be the stress from their work and for some others it might be the guilt of not finding time for one’s near and dear ones. For some it might just be the meaninglessness of what they are currently pursuing. For some it might be the lack of direction and motivation!

Whatever the reason, getting a life will be a big priority.

So, will you and I manage to get a life in 2017? What will it depend on?

Here are the ten most common questions I see people asking themselves in their quest of getting a life (myself included):

  1. Can I travel less in the coming year?
  2. Can I get back home early more often and work from home at least sometimes?
  3. Can I take more breaks this year than I did last year?
  4. Can I liberate myself from my smart phone or other internet additions so I have greater presence for myself and others around me?
  5. Can I moderate my ambitions and set more realistic goals? (And embrace the belief that I need not be defined by how much I produce and earn)
  6. Can I find for myself that elusive hobby or interest or do something just for fun?
  7. Can I be there for my family and my friends when they need me the most?
  8. Can I play to my strengths and do things that I like?
  9. Can I stay mindful about some of my patterns of thinking and behaving that makes me miserable?  
  10. Finally, for the ever growing tribe of youth who are bright but confused and in no hurry to figure out what they want to do in life and drop anchor, I really hope they get a life in 2017!

I really wish, hope and pray that all of us are able to get a life in 2017!