Individual Development Planning & Implementation

While organisations have structured leader development programs for certain levels of employees and a certain section of employees identified as having potential, these interventions take time and may not reach all employees who are aspiring to achieve leadership or just wish to do better.

On the other hand, Organisation also emphasise that employees should take ownership for their development. How then do we make development inclusive so it benefits all employees whose development can only benefit the business more? How do we take the first step in helping employees help themselves?

Individual Development Planning

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To begin with, how can you help employees come up with an individual development plan that can be acted upon. An individual development planning that is robust and well thought through.Years of work with organisations and potential leaders and conversations with talent management teams has led us to see the need to come up with a solution that at least initiates employees into the development journey.

The result is LEAD Check, a leadership health check and an initiation into development!It is a simple yet powerful program to help young professionals get a head start in their journey of development as leaders.

It brings together a motivated young professional and a coach to have a set of conversations about career aspirations and current realities based on assessment data to come up with a development plan that can be acted upon.

Armed with a development plan and a supportive environment, the employee has a much better chance of steering his or her own development. If you have a large number of employees who are delivering good results whom you wish to at least initiate into thinking about their development and commiting to a development plan, talk to us. LEAD Check may just be what you are looking for.

While these are essentially personal, their healthy resolution has huge implications for workplace engagement and contribution.Several CFI Coaches have been engaged in working with individuals to find answers to these questions and helping them craft their future in line with what matters to them.

Given the impact that this can have on the future generation of leaders, CFI is pleased to offer this as a service to individuals through their organisations. Designed around a set of three conversations, this support mechanism is meant to lead towards greater career congruence.

If as an organization, you wish to make this coaching support available as a service to your employees , do talk to us.