Celebrating Men on International Women’s Day!

Celebrating Men on International Women’s Day!

The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is “Inspire Inclusion”. We therefore believe it is only appropriate that this women’s day, we take some time out to celebrate the men, our allies.

The man who celebrates the birth of his daughters.

The man who stands up for his sister and supports her in getting out of an abusive relationship.

The man who encourages his niece not to give up sports.

The man who calls out his wife for being more focused on their son.

The man who covers for his female colleague as she takes her aged in-laws to the doctor.

The man who role models respect to women so the rest of his family does so too.

The man who makes other men understand that what they think is funny is actually disrespectful to women.

The man who rolls up his sleeves and decides to be as adept in the kitchen as his wife so she can focus better on her career.

The man who sees what a woman colleague is capable of and ensures she gets the opportunities she deserves.

The man who celebrates the economic independence of his wife.

And fortunately, the list goes on!

Many liberate themselves as they reduce their dependence on women for the basics!  This Women’s Day, we would like to celebrate these genuine allies who ensure that women’s day is not restricted to just one day in a year.

Happy Women’s Day Everyone!

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