Future Leader Development

It goes without saying that the success of a business is so tightly intertwined with the competence of its leaders. So it’s no surprise that business leaders at the highest level – including board members and investors – are keen to know how leaders will be groomed, developed and made effective.

Over the last several years, more and more companies have adopted the philosophy of identifying and grooming leaders from within to achieve this goal.They rightfully expect such a grooming process to be built around their unique context, culture and values and customized to the needs of each individual. They also recognize that development is a process than an event.

Of course, talent managers go all out to communicate to aspiring managers and leaders that development is not the same as progression and is seen as necessary for

  • Existing seasoned managers and emerging leaders to excel in their current roles
  • Seasoned managers who are being groomed for first-time leadership roles

LEAD, CFI’s Future leader development solution is ideally suited for both these contexts. This 7 months coaching based in-company be-spoke program is designed taking into consideration the organization’s unique context, culture, leadership demands and competency needs.

CFI’s Future Leader program includes several value-adding experiences including

  • Perspective about growing as a leader
  • Heightened self awareness based on a set of assessments
  • Support in crafting development plans and learning how to do it
  • Coaching support to implement these plans over a 4 / 5 month period
  • Specific learning events that stimulate thinking and build perspectives on relevant themes
  • Identifying opportunities for workplace application to complete the learning process
  • Facilitating reviews to secure and measure the effectiveness
If developing future leaders is an important talent development priority, do talk to us.