Leader as Coach Program

Over the last 17 years, CFI has launched 34 editions of its flagship public program – PGPEC to train and certify those desirous of becoming coaching practitioners. Powered by this strong expertise, CFI has been working with organisations to usher in cultural transformation by building coaching capabilities among its leaders. We have to date worked with over 700 leaders to help them embrace a coaching oriented style.

Leader as Coach (LaC) is in response to a strong need felt by organizations to help their senior-most leaders embrace a coaching-oriented style of leadership. In the tough times that we are living through, boards and enterprise leaders are convinced that the right style of leadership balancing performance and well-being, task and development will yield the best results.

leader as coach

Organization Effectiveness

LaC’s objective is to help organisations create an internal cadre of coaches who can formally coach and mentor internal talent and more importantly role model by demonstrating a coaching oriented style with their own teams. This helps gradually create a culture characterized by higher levels of care, development, empowerment and inspiration.

If you have leaders who lead large teams and functions/businesses and would benefit from being ambassadors of a cultural transformation, do talk to us. We would love to have a conversation and design a solution that meets your needs.