MeHR – Mentoring for HR Professionals

MeHR – Mentoring for HR Professionals

A few days back, I had announced the launch of MeHR, a Mentoring program for HR professionals who are on the pathway to leadership positions.

We are delighted with the responses we have received this far.

It is our dream and vision that this mentoring program offers a life altering experience to at least a few keen and interested HR professionals every year.

If you are an HR professional with around 12 – 15 years of experience and aspire to lead the function as a generalist or specialist and see value in working with a Mentor Coach through an eclectic mentoring program, hurry and register using this link. :

Our intent is to offer plans to suit the diverse needs of HR professionals. Mentoring will be offered by CFI Coaches who are all seasoned professionals with deep business and functional experience.