Women Leader Development

The role of gender in leadership is complex and fast evolving.

The qualities that are necessary for leader effectiveness in any context are gender neutral. Many of the leader development needs present themselves equally among men and women. However, there is a divergence in the challenges that women face in their journey to become a leader and reach the highest levels of leadership in an organisation. The statistics about the low percentage of women in leadership is a constant source of concern and a sense of missed opportunity.

Compelling dilemmas, conflicting personal and professional priorities, hard-wired beliefs and organisational biases keep women from achieving their best. CFI offers a range of coaching solutions tailored for women at certain crucial junctures in their careers. By helping them recognize their strengths, their dreams and resolve some of their dilemmas and reframe some of their beliefs and focus on certain skills and competencies, CFI Coaches are able to help women leaders take definitive steps to become successful corporate leaders.

CFI offers SheLeads, a 4-month coaching led cohort-based program helmed by CFI’s stellar team of women coaches and includes powerful and positive assessments, experiential skills workshops and 4 one-on-one coaching sessions.

CFI also offers one-on-one executive coaching solutions to women leaders who are already in executive positions in organisations where such leaders find the value of a thinking partner in dealing with a system that is as yet struggling to overcome its biases and remove all of its barriers that come in their way of staying engaged in their leadership roles even as they see the need to continue to address their dilemmas, conflicts and beliefs.

If women leader development is an integral part of your talent management strategy, do talk to us.


The She Leads Program was not a run of the mill Leadership training that teaches you a certain skillset. It transforms you as a person from within, helping you become a more confident and dynamic leader. My biggest take away from this program was the way it helped hold up a mirror to me and view myself clearly without the veil of insecurities. Thanks to all of you and the coaches for this wonderful program.

Aarthy Yuvaraj Head – Legal, Subcontinent India, FLSmidth

    I strongly believe that the main purpose of life is to help each other grow and CFI is a great testimonial of the same. Team CFI has great coaches who bring out the best in you by providing timely guidance on the challenges faced by us in a professional life. The sessions were quite insightful with the opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds and create an avenue for great learning. The best part of the whole session is that we team up with the coaches who create an environment of openness to exchange ideas and help each other . Overall I enjoyed the full programme so thoroughly that I implemented the key action items for which I'm now getting to experience the outcome. I would like to thank Ms. Anita Gupta, a great professional for supporting me through some of the challenges. I once again thank Team CFI.

    Padmani Koteeswaran She Leads Batch 3 Participant

      The CFI She Leads program and the regular sessions with my coach Anita Gupta helped me identify and reframe my self-limiting beliefs. It also helped me see that the challenges I face are not unique. Most women in leadership and the workplace go through similar challenges. Knowing my strengths, preferences, and interpersonal orientation, which the program helped crystalize, went a long way in drawing out and implementing action plans to address my self-limiting beliefs. In all honesty, I can’t claim that I’ve overcome them all. It is still a struggle, but I’m far ahead of where I used to be and determined to enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

      Daffodil Marcus Director - Strategy & Operations, Cognizant Foundation