The real Chat GTP

The real Chat GTP

Every once in a while, during my life time, I have witnessed some new technology idea that appears on the earth and threatens to drive into extinction things that we as human being did. Reams and reams are written about it and then after a while we settle down to the reality that it was not as destructively life altering as it was made out to be.

The latest to stir up such a cocktail of emotions – wonderment combined with fear and panic is Chat GPT. We are told that it will change everything, basically.

Firstly, I am not in the technology profession. I am in the profession of helping people. So, I must admit that I find it hard to comprehend the “all pervading impact” that many are claiming this will have on our lives. That is perhaps my ignorance.

I only know one thing, the thing that I value most – the real Chat GTP. Chat with a Go to Person!

I don’t know about others but I must say that my need to make human connection for things transactional and things transformational, things material and things emotional are very high.

At a transactional level, technology might be pushing me in a direction where I am prevented from going to a person and must instead live with an AI chatbot. My learning propensity will help me cope with these inevitabilities. I go to real people to chat and enhance that learning propensity.

At a social and psychological level, I feel blessed because I have had and continue to have several Go to Persons in my life for things that really matter. Experts who guide me with insights and nuances that illuminate me, friends who listen and assure that they have my back without saying a word, family members who are always there when you need them, professional colleagues and team members who are there to help you get things done and the list goes on.

I am happy that I am also a Go to Person for many people I know and don’t know. People who find value in connecting with me and seeking me out.

To have Go to Persons in your life and to be a Go to Person in other’s lives is what makes us human. That is all I care about. The real Chat GTP.