The Truth About Personal Truths

The Truth About Personal Truths

What I believe to be true is what is my personal truth.

The operative term is “what I believe to be true” – not what is the actual truth.

All of us hold many personal truths on many subjects dear to us. “Personal truths” are ‘products’ of our unique ‘histories’ “contexts” – our personal, social, cultural & professional pasts. It often originates from what we heard from the people who mattered in our lives. It is also, how we processed what we saw and experienced and heard. I have over years been able to discover and shine the spot light on many of my own personal truths.

Personal truths give us a sense of structure, certainty and security in an uncertain world. These are useful aids in the journey of life and allow us to ‘fit in’ and grow. It in many ways guides us and becomes our operating manual to the world. It is what we fall back on when we need to decide or act. When personal truths take us closer to our real selves and helps us flourish, they are useful.

Personal truths can give us trouble when:

* We are rigid about that being the only truth – that it is the only truth and there is no other truth
* We hold it in its extreme – that it is true at all times, irrespective of contexts
* We demand it – based on these truths, we make irrevocable demands on self, others and the world
* We catastrophize – when things do not go as desired, we see catastrophic consequences and come across as unable to cope with the demands not being met and display unhelpful behaviours

In my own journey with my unhelpful personal truths, awareness of these truths and what triggers them has been a starting point.

Acceptance of my limitations and striking a balance has been an important next step.

Awareness of the fears that are holding me back from changing and conviction around the potential that I can realise if I revisit these truths has been important.

So which of your personal truths do you wish to revisit?