Top Talent Development

Boards, investors and Top teams in organizations recognize that securing a supply of competent leaders for the future is critical to business success.

Thanks to the work being done by coaching and leadership organisations like CFI, there is a growing recognition about the role of one’s personality, strengths, preferences, beliefs and the very personal nature of effort involved in becoming a leader.

CFI has also established through its experience, the huge benefits of using coaching as an important development experience in leader development interventions to develop future leaders.

CFI combines its expertise in assessment, development planning and coaching to offer clients a leader development solution that is personalised yet addresses the broad leadership demands of the organisation and blends with other development experiences like formal education and action learning projects.

Be it a full fledged leader development intervention or a one that addresses the needs of women leaders or an intervention to initiate leaders into the journey of development, CFI has the expertise and depth of coaching talent to address a wide range of talent development needs with Coaching at its heart.

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